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21"D X 24"W X 34-1/2"H Bath Vanity Cabinet without Top VS24

21"D X 24"W X 34-1/2"H Bath Vanity Cabinet without Top VS24

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Product Description

Vanity Sink Base Cabinet

27" vanity with large space storage cabinet and decorative drawers.


  • MDF frame: durable, moisture resistant and smooth surface.
  • Plywood panel: solid wood compression, construction material, light weight, no deformation, no cracking, easy to punch.
  • High-quality paint: no harmful substances, stronger adhesion, brighter colors, no paint loss.
Vanity Sink Base Cabinet

Large Size, Large Space, Size: 27 Inch x 21 Inch x 34.5 Inch


  • Two decorative drawers: leaves plenty of space for your sink to be installed and serves as a decorative addition to your bathroom base cabinet.
  • Extra storage space: This bathroom storage cabinet, excluding the installation space of the sink, has enough space for your miscellaneous items, such as cosmetics, bath towels, blankets, etc., making the whole bathroom less cluttered.
  • Available in many sizes: This bathroom cabinet, available in many sizes, is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, conference rooms and more.
Vanity Sink Base Cabinet
Vanity Sink Base Cabinet

Soft-Close Doors

High quality cabinet door connector, more durable, more flexible and noiseless. Simple appearance design, more suitable for modern home decoration.

Vanity Sink Base Cabinet
Vanity Sink Base Cabinet
Vanity Sink Base Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet

Sink base cabinet for bathroom, simple style, versatile style, large storage space, very suitable for your new bathroom.

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen base cabinet set, we have complete kitchen storage cabinet set, including sink base cabinet, standing cabinet, wall cabinet and so on, the whole set of cabinet can make your home decoration more harmonious.

Laundry Cabinet

Laundry locker set, through the long-term research of laundry locker market, designed the appearance of this stylish, practical and functional locker set, larger storage space, longer service life, this locker is every family needs.

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