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Outdoor Mini Greenhouse with Round Entrance - Protective Conservatory for Plants

Outdoor Mini Greenhouse with Round Entrance - Protective Conservatory for Plants

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D0102H25R4U    Package Size: 27.95*6.3*4.72 in       gross weight: 5.73 lbs     net weight:5.51 lbs 

D0102H25RTA     Package Size: 27.95*6.3*3.94 in       gross weight: 5.07 lbs     net weight:4.63 lbs 

PROTECTION - Aoodor mini greenhouse helps to protect plants; seeds; vegetables; herbs; flowers and extend the growing season. The greenhouse; with durable PE material cover; is UV protected and water resistant which creates an ideal environment for planting in various weather conditions. The greenhouse can be used in the garden as well as balconies and other areas of a home.

ZIPPER DOOR - Two roll-up zipper door design allows for easy access of the greenhouse for watering plants; creating great air circulation and adjusting the temperature and humidity levels in order to achieve optimal growing environment.

CONSTRUCTION DESIGN - Constructed with a heavy duty powder-coated steel frame and a green painted finish. The greenhouse works in great harmony to maximize growth potential.

INSTALLTION – The setup is simple and not overly time consuming; and can be a fun family activity. This mini greenhouse can be suitable for children and a great way to introduce them to the wonderful hobby of gardening at a young age.

NOTICE - For both indoor or outdoor; use ground nail (not included); stones or other heavy strong and heavy items to secure the base of the greenhouse. This will provide a sterdy foundation and keep the structure grounded in rough weather conditions.

Material: steel pipe support; green PE

Color: spray plastic green/transparent

Product size: 120x60x60cm

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